Saturday, July 5, 2014

First Week of Classes

Classes began this week, which I was not very exited for. First of all I had my Organisational Behavior class. The class in itself is not to bad but it is really hard to understand my professor. He speaks with a very thick Korean accent. This class will probably be the most difficult. I am also taking Conservation in Australia. Yet again, I can't understand my professor very well. He is from China. The good thing about this one is the lower level of difficulty. My Outdoor Pursuits class didn't start this week. My Corporate Ethics class will be fin. I have a good professor who is Australian and definitely knows what he is talking about. I also have Whitney in class with me which helps. 

Other than school, we had a fun 4th of July celebration with everyone here. Friday night was a "Gender Switch" night. It was fun because of all the people who participated. I continue to meet new people everyday. One thing about being in a foreign country is you can't be shy.

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