Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week 11

This week I finished up the last of my schoolwork. All of my classes are done except for my final test in organizational behavior. It is going to be a tough one because I have to know 12 chapters for it. This week I went to the gym everyday. The food seems to be getting a little bit better now that the Singaporean army left. This week was the last class for Outdoor Pursuits. We went to Great Keppel Island! We took a sailboat out there. It was awesome. The boat was handmade by the sailor in his backyard. We went to two different snorkeling places and got to swim with sea turtles. We stopped on the Island and ate some food and played on the beach for a bit. It was beautiful and the water was so clear. It was a lot like what you see in all of the advertisements. The couple that took us to the island was awesome. The made us snacks and tea two different times; once in the morning and once in the afternoon! It was a blast. I got sunburn and really worn out! It was a great way to end the class. On Sunday I watched church and movies all day with Whitney. We also went to the gym to an AB Blast class! I was dying by the end. It was a good week. Only 3 more left!

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